“To facilitate a high quality of life to all those who live, work in and visit the Town of Combes”. This is the place where you can find all pertinent information regarding public utilities.


Town of Combes Utilities Department supplies water to the Combes population. This is achieved by building, operating and maintaining relevant structures and systems across Combes.

The Board Members approve the rates for water services. The board members also authorize rules and regulations related to the furnishing of water energy.

Important Info

For more information, click on the links below. You can find important rates and schedules related to public utilities here. All information is updated regularly and can easily seen from the news section.
  • Garbage Collection
  • Brush Collection Schedule
  • Important Notice
  • Water Rates
  • Sewer Rates

You can also contact the Combes Utilities Department during business hours at (956) 423-2714

This page is the perfect resource for residents, businesses and visitors in Combes. Feel free to contact the Utilities Department and explore the website.

Pay Your Bill

You can pay your bills by check, money order, cash, drop off box outside

Garbage Collection

16218573-mmmainThe Town of Combes manages efficient, hassle-free garbage collection services for Combes residents. Please download the Garbage Collection Form. You will need to fill out the form if you need to open, update or cancel a residential or commercial account.
Kindly ensure all information on the form is correct before sending the completed application to the Town of Combes Public Utilities Department.
The Utilities Department will take action on your application within one week of receiving it.

Brush Schedule

Flower-Garden-Wallpaper-HD-1024x768Please keep your front lawns free of any debris as indicated by the items on the lists below. Also, keep your brush and bulky items separately. Your brush should be no more than 8 feet long.
Service Guidelines – Help Us Keep Combes as Beautiful as Possible
Kindly ensure all information on the form is correct before sending the completed application to the Town of Combes Public Utilities Department. We try our best to keep the Town of Combes as clean and beautiful as possible. You can help us by following the important service guidelines outlined below. Kindly put all items at least 5 feet away from obstacles such as water/gas meters, telephone boxes, parked vehicles or overhead wires. Also, please split up your brush and bulky item piles. We appreciate your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the brush schedule or service in general, feel free to contact us at (956) 423-2714

Brush Schedule and Pick-up Notice

Brush Calendar 2023

Important Notice

The Town of Combes offers a number of convenient options to pay your utility bills. This requires maintaining an efficient billing cycle, one that is geared towards the comfort and convenience of Combes residents.

Also required are the people of Combes being up to date on all important information regarding the billing cycle and payment issues.

All new important notices are highlighted on the Town of Combes website for a period of two weeks. It is recommended that residents read all such important notices in detail by navigating to this page.

Unless otherwise stated, all announcements, decisions, and resolutions are effective from the time they are published on the Town of Combes website.

Billing Cycle

Combes CCR 2021

No Significant Impact and Intent to Request Release of Funds

City of Combes Notice of Public Hearing